What’s Growing On?: (#2) Chickens

We have an odd assortment of chickens. Right now, there are ten hens and one rooster. Most of the chickens have come from neighbours and friends, and so they are all different types! There are also two hens that were hatched out by last year’s Kindergarten students in Ms Roger’s class.

Our rooster is big and mostly white (he's the big one at the front in that picture). He has feathers on his feet. He is called a Brahma chicken and doesn’t mind the winter too much. He is strong and protects the hens.

We have one hen called a “Naked Neck”. In the summer she loses the feathers on her neck and most on her head. She is really quite ugly. But she lays a lot of eggs! In the winter she grows back some feather on her head (you can see them in this picture) - and that’s a funny look too.

Most of the time our chickens stay in their coop and yard because there are a lot of predators here. Animals like eagles, hawks, coyotes and raccoons love to eat chickens for dinner (or breakfast, or midnight snack). One year a family of raccoons got into our coop. They ate all the eggs and we found them sleeping in the laying boxes!

Every hen lays one egg almost everyday. The hens are all different types and so their eggshells are all different colours. The eggs look the same when you crack them open though. If the eggs are kept warm for three weeks then they can hatch into baby chicks. Here is a picture of the eggs Nyima and I collected yesterday.

Your Turn:

Do you have a mismatched collection of something? Tell me about it!

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