Nature Weaving

Who says you need a lot of yarn to try weaving? Look around your yard, or go on a walk as a family and find supplies for this outdoor project. 

The size of your weaving will depend on the materials you are able to collect. As you can see your creation could be huge or much smaller.

How to:

~ Set up a frame and tie your vertical (up and down) strings. (Don't have string? Try dental floss for a small project, or strips of old tshirt for a larger project).


~ Start at the bottom and thread your first plant over-under-over-under until you get to the other side.

~ Thread your second plant under-over-under-over. Keep it tight to the first plant.

~ Thread your third plant   over-under-over-under again. Keep up this pattern!

Note: This is a project that is all about process and attempting a new technique!

The finished project may not turn out the way you envisioned. That's ok!

nature weave 3.png

Want to try a sampling first - check out this idea: